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We have focused on finding the best working Corsos with champion bloodlines  (which is not easy or inexpensive)  from around the country. We personally work with our Corsos to bring out the best qualities a family protection dog needs to be a confident joy to have around your family.

Our dogs are important members of our family, and their health and overall wellbeing is a priority. So you can be assured that our females aren't bred until we know they are mature enough.

New Era is on a mission! 
New Era is on a mission to become the premier breeder of the family protection dog and provide the best family guardian on the market. We will not stop until our name is common place in the Cane Corso and  protection dog community's. It is a journey we look forward to and take very seriously. 

We love what we do and will be around for many, many more years. So we hope you will choose to join the New Era Cane Corso family, I promise you won’t be disappointed. 

When you join the New Era Family you will enjoy lifetime breeder support ! 

We can deliver your prized corso to just about any place in the world !  call us for more details.
Lastly, When you receive one of our complete Duel Registration puppy packets your friends will know that you have the very best family Guardian

on the market.

Why Choose New Era


We believe that the Cane Corso is the best family guardians you can own.The mighty Cane Corso was bread to be a warrior and protector hundreds of years ago and the ones we own still have the natural ability to perform that job today.

All of our Corsos are at least  double registered with AKC and ICCF. We love our Corsi and proudly stand behind our products with a two year health guarantee and life time breeder support.