Our Males

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AKC, ICCF, UKC , FCDPR, Registered
Rocko is an amazing boy!
He is incredibly intelligent and has excellent temperament.
He completed his AKC Good Citizenship and is working on obedience.
He has also been exposed to bite work, but that is not really his passion. He prefers to lay on the couch and watch television while the other Corsos work (see how smart he is!).


​AKC, ICCF Registered
Semi (AKA- semi truck!)- came to us from Mexico.
He is an amazing dog and has a ton of potential. He is practicing being ALPHA and bosses the rest of the Corsos around.
The world completely revolves around him (just ask him).
He has a ton of confidence, energy and drive.
We will be entering the show ring with him in the fall 0f 2013 !


New Era’s Tasha’s Chaos (T.C.) is the start of a very special line that will be specifically bread for family protection. He is the first pick male out of Rocko X Star.  He has a high prey and fight drive. More importantly he has a TON of confidence. This is a boy we have been waiting for!
 We have dedicated the future of this very special line to my wife's close friend Natasha Warren Sapp who recently lost her battle to breast cancer.  You will never be forgotten Tasha because when people see a Corso from this line they will think of you and your amazing spirit!   R.I.P