Congratulations to our New Era Family members on their marriage !!! We where

honored to be there !!!!!!

Our New Era family members with their new Family

protector Riddick !!!

New Era family members with Sophie !         
" I must say, She is quite possibly one of the smartest most athletic trouble making dogs I have met. 
We have been very pleased with her. She gives us plenty of laughs."

Desi went to New Era family members who are both U.S. Army veterans and Wounded Warrior Project Alumni in Buckeye AZ 

  ISA went to our active military member in Crestview FL !

Our New Era family members with DUKE !

New Era's Rip Roaring Roman went with our new friends and New Era family members from 
 Yellowknife Canada !  We look forward to meeting with you again !
   To find out more about N.O.S. K9 Narcotic Detection please visit

New Era family members with Brody !!!

Zoie went to our New Era family in Las Vegas, NV !!

New Era family members from surprise AZ with kimber !!!  They know where to go to get the best.

  ISA went to our active military member in Crestview FL !

   New era family members with Nova !!!

New Era family members with Stout !!! 
  Thank you New Era for the handsome healthy boy! He's smart, confident and loving his new home. We couldn't be happier with him or your awesome customer service! We've already recommended New Era to others. We'll keep you updated on Stout's progress. Thank you again.

This is the second New Era Corso that this family member has taken home !  His 10 acre ranch is REALLY protected.

New Era family members with their class C female !!!

  Monte went to a U.S. Army veteran from Sahuarita AZ ! He will be enrolling her in the New Era obedience/ protection program and also having 
her trained as a service dog. Welcome to the family !!!

Dear bad guys,  New Era Cane Corso LLC has added new warriors to the family. You have been warned !!!

Our New Era family members with their family protector !!!

New Era Family members with the Class A Male out of Semi X Star Litter !!!

Tank went to New Era family members in Scottsdale AZ !

Thank you to our New Era Cane Corso LLC family members for choosing to be a part of our family !!!!  
 New Era was the First to start an actual family. All others are imitators.

This morning we were so fortunate to have a visitor from Holland! He also a Corso trainer,owner and extremely knowledgeable about the breed. Thank you so much for coming to see our Corsos! It was a pleasure meeting you!

Sgt. Maj. Coleman and his very lovely wife know where to get the best !!!

Loving our new puppy! He is active and smart. His name is Maximus! Already doing so well with house breaking and kennel training. He even walks on the leash already even though he is following my Mastiff. Thanks again for such a magnificent dog!

Nero went to our New Era family member in Las Vegas, NV !

U.S. Army veteran and New Era family member with his new service dog MAX !

Our New Era Family members with BRUIZER !

New Era family members with their family protector.

Nova was our last female out of Rocko X Star  went to our New Era family in Surprise AZ !

Our New Era family member waited over a year for her Kaitlyn !!!

New Era family member and Marine corps veteran with his new buddy JAXX !!!

Our New Era Family member with her Big Bear and her New little Beauty !!!

Family Members

At New Era Cane Corso LLC, our goal is for the individual to move toward a greater state of strength, flexibility and wellness. To get a feel for what New Era Cane Corso LLC can offer you, please view our gallery. We hope to see you soon. 

New Era family members with their class A female !!!

This is the second New Era Corso that this family member has taken home !  His 10 acre ranch is REALLY protected.

We wanted to send u some pics of her with the children. Mya fits right in. She has been such a great addition to our family. She loves to be around the children and following the pack leader around everywhere. Thanks again for this wonderful opportunity.  She has such a silly personality and crawls under our bed every chance she can get. Her intelligence level is through the roof. We got her potty trained within the first week. May is also very attentive, gentle, protective, and listens very well.

Our New Era family members with DUKE !

Darma  Is officially retired with her New Era family member at her forever home in Florida where we are very happy to say she is more spoiled than most corsos. We will always love you Darma. you are such a special girl and you will always remain in our hearts !!!
Pictures taken by Luis and Liz Paulet  owner of JRB Express. They are the BEST pet transporters in the business !!!

Our New Era Family members with Kona !!!

Anubis went with a U.S. Army veteran and our New Era family members in Bullhead City AZ ! He will be placed in service

dog training.

Good morning, here's a couple more pics of mya. Yesterday mya saved a friend of mine from a pitbull attack! Having no choice but to call on mya, she performed beautifully, listening to every command! The dogs did not fight, as the loose pitbull ran off!

Athena is on track to complete her C.G.C within two weeks and continue sent training for her service work !  We are cheering for you guys !

New Era Family Members with Salem Dianna !!!

Mya went with a U.S. Marine Corps Veteran in Phoenix AZ !  She will be enrolled in service training with the
American Service Animal Society. I know she looks like a ghost, but our new family members look fantastic !

Our New Era family members with their family protector !!!

Our New Era family members from California !  All names withheld for security reasons.

New era family members with Csonka !!!

Today we received our certified United States flag that flew a very important mission over the sky's of Afghanistan. We couldn't be moreproud of the stars  and stripes and the men and women who defend it !!!

We would like to congratulate Francesca Finotto from Milan, Italy.  She is the first  to complete  the New Era Cane Corso LLC internship on K-9
training and handling. Congratulations !!!

Francesca also has the following accreditations: 
- 2015   Università degli Studi di Milano- Bicocca, Psychology Department  Graduate.
-  2013 SIUA School of Human-Animal Interaction in Bologna
Diploma as Dog Trainer, Operator of Pet Therapy and Zooanthropology Teaching.

New Era family from surprise AZ  with ISIS (named after the Egyptian goddess, not the filthy radical muslim terrorist group).

Our New Era family members from Phoenix AZ with Luna !
 I am sure they will enjoy her for many more years to come !

Our newest family members just back from the Ukraine took Vervanda home with them. New Era has the most awesome family members !!!

New Era proudly supports our troops !  Athena went to a U.S Army Veteran from San Tan AZ !
The newest family members will be training her as a service dog with the help of the Veterans Administration and 
American service animal society. Welcome to the family guys !!!
I wanted to send you a quick update on Athena. She's fabulous!!! AND she's officially been accepted into the service dog program!!! Gerad (the trainer) came over last night for her assessment. And he was THOROUGHLY impressed with her!!! Her temperament and disposition is going to be great for the program. We obviously start working with her at home and went over all the stuff we need to do. From now on we take her every Wednesday night to his training facility to work with her for the Public Access Certification and the AKC STAR Puppy and Canine Good Citizen skills. Gerad has worked with one other Cane Corso and said she was a fabulous working dog. :). 

We are SO very excited!!! She's such a smart wonderful pup!!! We can't thank you and Sandra enough!!! 
I'll keep you posted in all of her training, she's going to be the best one there!! Lol!!

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Tank found His forever home with our New Era Family members from Mohave AZ !

Our New Era family members with Haze, which was a birthday present for a very lucky young man. Happy birthday from New Era  

Harley Quinn went to New Era family members in Payson AZ !

We are very excited to introduce our newest family members who are the very happy owners of Guss a.k.a. ELVIS !

Our New Era Family member was finally able to pick up her Barnaby after being on a very long deployment.

Welcome home Troop !!!

Hi Jerry,
We are doing awesome. Diesel is a great dog. Jamie told me not to be deceived by his behavior because he is SO good that another pup would probably not live up to him. He had 9 visitors the first day home to meet him.He sleeps a lot! (And upside down for whatever reason). Only 1 bad night in the kennel (barked for a short while at 1am and 4:30am), other than that he is sleeping till 6/7am with no issues during the night or struggles getting him in the kennel. His first bath was so simple; not a peap from him, no struggles, stood still for washing and towel drying. Hasn't had an accident inside for a few days now. He has not tried chewing on anything but slippers, the carpet, and rugs. Teething is bad right now but we got a lot of toys for that. He is learning so quickly and we are doing well establishing our dominance. We are excited to get the backyard finished so we can play.
I attached a couple pics. I love the portrait shot we got of him the first day home. The one of him sitting in front of your 4 dogs is so cool. One of him sleeping in the position i find him in often. And one from today in his new bed we had to upgrade to.
We took him to the vet for an introductory visit the day after we got him 2/26 and he was 18.6lbs!
We are so happy! Thank you for providing a high quality pup and taking such good care of him the first 8 weeks.

 New Era family members with Diesel